The Frog and Frigate, which began life as a wharf building in the mid 1800’s, and is now one of the last left standing in Canute Road, sits opposite the site of Southampton’s old docks. In it’s long and colourful lifetime, the building has served as a ships’ stores & chandlers, a private residence, a ‘house of disrepute’ frequented by American sailors no less, and a private members club; and all before it began it’s career as Southampton’s now legendary
spit ’n’ sawdust, live music pub!

1981 saw it’s birth as The Frog and Frigate & Dock Brewery Co, brewing it’s own line of real ales, Frog and Croaker, in the cellars. This small green pub, affectionately referred to as ‘The Frog,’ quickly gained a reputation for great ales, live music and a super friendly atmosphere. In the intervening years, The Frog has undergone several changes in ownership, with the current landlord back at the helm for a second time, in January 2015. Derek - the landlord and MC - has also attained ‘Legendary’ status, entertaining the Frog crowds since 1983, returning to the smallest stage in Southampton,
determined to deliver the Frog Experience to a new generation of Buccaneers!

After several years adrift ‘The Frog,’ has now returned under full sail to restore its old reputation for great ales (plus rums & whiskeys!) live music and the opportunity to dance on tables and sing your head off without the need for a karaoke machine. Every Friday and Saturday night is a 'Frog' night! So, dress how you like, leave your worries at the door, be prepared to make lots of new friends, get a bit sweaty and have a 'proper' night out! 

Scurvy Knaves who frequent the good ship HMS The Frog and have the ability to drink, sing, dance on tables and wave their arms in the air - all night!